Best Work Boots Used By Canadian Companies

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Best Work Boots Used By Canadian Companies

Most companies have invested heavily on safety gears for their workers. For instance, the top home renovations experts in Vancouver РThe Reno King, ensures their employees are given the most effective safety boots to protect their feet. They have explained to us what brands they  prefer and why.

The ultimate thing in safety boots is the level of protection it can give to the feet. Safety boots should protect renovation workers from toe injuries, ankle dislocations, piercing from sharp objects and, very importantly, sliding. These are just some of the safety features required in safety boots. The Reno King ensures that they invest in COMFORTABLE safety boosts, too. Because workers should be able to do their job comfortably, even for hours, without feeling so squeezed and uncomfortable.

Brands of Safety Boots Preferred by The Reno King

1) Avenger Safety Footwear
AvengerAvenger is among the top brands which provide all footwear requirements and needs in industries. It’s a renowned brand that manufactures shoes which are; waterproof, puncture resistant, slip resistant and also composite. Most of their shoes combine a traditional styling with the most advanced manufacturing techniques. High quality manufacturing materials are used. That combined with advanced manufacturing technique bears a shoe that fulfills all the safety standards required in the industry.

Georgia Boots2) Georgia Safety Footwear
Geogia Boot Company has existed for over 60 years in the US. They are one of the most experienced footwear manufacturers there. In 1992, Georgia Boot Company introduced “comfort core insole technology”, a technology which saw a robust rise in the customers for this brand. Today, Geogia continues to perfect their safety shoes with new techniques. One of its renowned brand is the Wellington Waterproof, steel toe shoe.

3) Hytest Safety FootwearHytest
Hytest boots makes safety footwear for men and women athletics, hikers, metatarsals and casuals. It has the most complete line of safety footwear. They have a reputation of being very comfortable, thanks to their huge size range. They are gorgeously designed with subtle embroidery to form an ultra-modern look. The Reno King, the home renovation company in Vancouver we are talking with, loves these shoes. One good category of these shoes that is liked by them is the “6 Inch Waterproof Composite Toe, Electrical Hazard, Slip Resistant shoe”.

Justin Work Boots4) Justin Safety Footwear
Justin Boot Company says that there is no other shoe company that can produce a product that works like theirs. They say that their shoes are products of impeccable materials on the market today. This seems like a true statement since, once again, here is another “close to perfect” safety shoe. No doubtt they are very popular with this Vancouver home renovations company.

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