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Journeymen Always Prepared For The Job

The job of an electrician requires that they arm themselves with clothing and gadget that ensure their safety. Electricity is a significant source of power. However, it can also be very dangerous to work with. As such, the Glendale electrician contractors provide their journeymen with the latest and most reliable safety equipment. This article will be you insight into the clothing and the tools that Glendale electricians use so as to stay safe on the job.

Understanding the meter

This is a device that electricians use so as to measure the power that is flowing through a wire or a connection before interacting with it. IT is very important to do this because the wires can hold much more current than the electrician thought. As a result, they can get electrocuted or cause a fire when they try to interact with the wire. As such, a clamp-on meter is an important device that they utilize to stay safe.

This meter has a power rating of 600kW (kilowatts) and 600A (amperes). It only requires a pair of 1.5 volt AA batteries so as to work. The contractors provide their electricians in Glendale with this device so that they can measure up to 1,000 volts. This keeps the journeymen safe as they work in the field. This meter has some unique features. It allows the electrician to measure for individual harmonics, and it also has a flash light to help the electrician see the colors of the wires in the dark.

Protective headgear

protective-headgear-being-wornAn injury to the head can paralyze the rest of the body or cause immediate death. Thus, it is paramount to protect the head and face while working in the field. Electrician Contractors in Glendale ensure that their journeymen always have some protective headgear while they work. The headgear is made up of a helmet and a clear visor. The helmet is made up of blue thermoplastic. It is hard enough to protect the head from falling materials and debris. Moreover, it can protect the electrician from dielectric shock. The visor is also very important. It can be clear or tinted. This protects the face from sparks that may emerge from the wires under repair. The electrician can also fix some accessories to the headgear. An example of such an accessory is a chin guard.

Every Glendale electric Contractors goal is to put safety first. For this purpose, the electrician contractors provide safety equipment to keep the journeymen safe everywhere they go.

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